About The Band

Band O LoKo

Band O Loko came about as an idea to create traditional surf rock tunes "fast forward fourty years".

With creative forces Kevin Held

 on keyboards

and Rod Hans

  on guitar,

the two came up with great ideas they would eventually record with

Slade Anderson on drums

giving birth to "Tunnel Of Fun"

                                     by Band O Loko 10/31/2016.

As Time goes on things change.

Since Tunnel Of Fun, Band O Loko has released 8 singles with different folks on the drum kit.

Currently, Tim Bonow  resides on the throne while Monica Petruzzelli  is a featured artist of the band.

Both are featured on

"Dont Keep Me Hangin" by Band O Loko, under Mp3's

and an unreleased version of

"Hold Your Hand" by the Beatles,audible at the bottom                                                 of our Mp3's page free.

We are soon to release "Ride" by Monica featuring the current Line Up.

More to come so please stay tuned....