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by Band O Loko

Released 2017
Coollegends Entertainment
Released 2017
Coollegends Entertainment
This Track is about a true story,,,,,written for a guy who came into a deli with a giant knife and monkey wrench, causing a hostage situation and being shot by police. Its rock in a hard place..........
Society so·ci·e·ty

1. the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community.
"drugs, crime, and other dangers to society"
synonyms: the community, the (general) public, the people, the population; civilization, humankind, mankind, humanity
"a danger to society"

This song came about when Dale David Gimbert came into my deli, The Sandwitchery in San Leandro, and was shot in the shoulder by police as he made a move on my best gals, Anna Tudino, ( "Foof" ) and Kim Braga ( Beers, Singh, a song) I love you both....y'all were awesome. It reminded me that life is short....that folks should do everything they can right when life gets crappy,, (cause it may.....), you don't have to say, " I wish I could'a, would'a, should'a, done something different.

Special Thanks to Sam Kaplan Good and Rod Hans for helping me record this song from a few years ago, and officially release it to the world.

Rod Hans - Guitars - Recording, production and mixing
Sam Kaplan Good - Drums and Willingness
Kevin Held - Keys - Vocs - and Song