Moonstone at Midnight

Band O Loko

Moonstone At Midnight - dedicated to a popular surf spot in Humboldt County where several hundred couples have been married, parties, even bands playing on the beach like Band O Loko - check out the videos..see the beach on our album cover. Love Humboldt

Moostone At Midnight -This instrumental is one of a kind, with your traditional surf feel and a twist of Blues....Surf Blues with a touch of Floyd - different and it makes sense - NEW - and cool. Should you ever come to Humboldt County, on the North Coast of California....stop by and check it out..see if you can feel the inspiration absorbed to create this sweet mellow groove....Moonstone at Midnight - Dan Perez - Kevin held - Tim Bonow. Eureka California, 2019 - Photo by Gale Schnurman

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