With You I Love Fishin


Think of a picnic - with someone you've been wanting to hang out with. It's a summer day about 78 degrees, and you know a sweet spot next to a river under a big elm tree that would be perfect for a picnic for two. Lets do it

With You I Love Fishin, by Mark Huddleson and Kevin Held - the song speaks for itself. A perfect opportunity to grab a couple fishin poles, a blanket, pack some snacks and beverages... and call that gal or guy you been wantin to hang out with for a while, the time is now. Created behind the Redwood Curtain of Humboldt County. in Eureka California....peace to everyone feat. Kevin Held - Keyboards - Vocals - Lyrics - Production - making it happen Mark Huddleson - Guitars - Vocals - Lyrics - Production - making it happen Jed Watts - Drums and desire to play this track - making it happen Jerry Lowitz - Bass - one of the best Humboldt County will ever know - and extreme desire to play this track to make it happen. Thanks guys

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