Don's Neighbors Back in the Day

Don's Neighbors

It's Never Too Late when you have some excellent music recordings with your pals in 2001...Its no Space Oddessy... just excellent music for you now in 2019 - From Back In The Day

With the turn of the century, 4 friends got together and created some excellent music under the band name of Don's Neighbors. Keyboard singer Kevin Held, lived next to Don, and his wife Virginia. A highlight of thier lives became having a rock band move in next door, shaking pictures off the wall, cuasing hell and havoc, and Don, firing back with his cap guns and cheap ciggarettes.

With the idea of wanting to give back to life, the best name that came to light at the time was Don's Neighbors. Thank You Don...I love the photo of you on Ukelele next to the 65 Chrysler New Yorker.

since 2001, the neighbors have gone different ways but the music recorded lives on. The time has come to do what I can in order to incapsulate this awesome music in time and share it with you today in 2019.

Please enjoy these fine recording captured by Bill Bently in Concord, Ca....featuring Kevin Held on Keys and Vocals, John Michael Benevidez on Bass and Vocals, Rick Olson on Guitars and Vocals, and beat keeper extriodinare Rick Cabral on Drums.

Peace and Love to All....please share what we have created...

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