Ride of the Day

Band O Loko

Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs, especially "The Ride Of The Day", a happy melody dealing with life's day to day challenges. One second your'e on top of the world, then you find yourself at wits ends...dust yourself off and try it again.

"The Ride Of The Day" is an earlier musical adventure from Kevin Held. This recording features Rod Hans on Guitars - back up vocals - recording and mixing, Sam Kaplan Good on Drums, and Kevin on Keyboards covering Bass, Accordion, Lead Vocal and more.

Its a song of hope for a better life while dealing with the challenges that life throws in our direction. Our days are full of high points and low points, some stronger than others and at times, for whatever reason, many of us choose to accept it and get back on the ride to see what's ahead. At one moment a person may feel like they are on top of the world, while the next, a particular circumstance may bring the world crashing on our shoulders. I am hopeful not to be unique on this feeling, while I hope the listener can appreciate the idea....its a still a good ride............

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